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Veterinary Holistic Care: Ozone Therapy

Veterinary Holistic Care Ozone Therapy Medical ozone therapy has been around for over 100 years.
It has been extensively used and studied in Europe and other countries.
Studies and experience have consistently demonstrated that ozone is an extremely safe therapy and free from side effects when administered by a properly trained medical professional.
It has proven to be a very effective treatment for a wide variety of disease conditions.
It is a potent and safe anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent.
There are many methods of administering ozone.
For most applications we give it dissolved in an IV fluid solution.
It can also be used topically, either suspended in an ointment or by surrounding the area to be treated with a specially designed bag that gets filled with ozone gas.
It can even be safely inhaled to treat respiratory infections if it is first bubbled through olive oil to make it non-irritating to the lungs.
Europe and other countries have not suffered from this degree of suppression of anything alternative, and in many countries ozone therapy is commonplace.
In fact, in Germany ambulances are fitted with ozone generators for treatment of stroke victims.
The patients treated this way have a much lower incidence of permanent paralysis than do similar patients where ozone is not used.
Ozone O3 is an activated, trivalent 3 atoms form of Oxygen O2.
Ozone easily breaks down into an Oxygen molecule O2 and a singlet oxygen atom.
In actuality, this oxygen atom behaves as an ion Free online slots 4 uNOT as a free radical at normal physiological blood pH.
Thus NO HARMFUL FREE RADICAL CHAIN REACTION occurs when it attaches itself to another molecule.
It is the cascading chain reactions produced by harmful free radicals that tear apart cell membranes and do damage to healthy cells of the body.
Healthy cells are well protected by an enzyme coating glutathione peroxidase, reductase, and superoxide dismutase and are only damaged by the sort of free radicals that cause the cascading oxidative chain reactions.
Bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells do not have this enzyme coating, and thus are easily oxidized and destroyed by the oxygen atom.
Singlet oxygen also acts as a scavenger for harmful type free />It combines with them to render them harmless, free online slots 4 u protecting the body from being damaged them.
It also stimulates increased production of the enzymes that protect the healthy cells from damage, thus fortifying their ability to fend off damage from the harmful free radicals.
More efficient energy metabolism means free online slots 4 u toxic byproducts produced in the process of energy production i.
By facilitating more complete oxidation reactions, ozone dramatically increases the effects of most free online slots 4 u, drugs,, herbs, etc.
Thus, concurrent use of ozone can significantly decrease the amount of a drug needed to achieve source />The work of Nobel Prize winner showed that Oxygen deficit, and subsequent toxin buildup, is the underlying factor in the free online slots 4 u and progression of ALL DISEASE PROCESSES!!!!
Ozone is like a super potent form of Oxygen.
It can be free online slots 4 u benefit in any disease process in the body.



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