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Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead (reprise) tekst lyrics: WizardWhy have you come back?DorothyPlease, sir. We've done what you told us. We've brought you the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West. We melted her.WizardOh - you liquidated her, eh? Very resourceful!DorothyYes, sir. So we'd like you to ...
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"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" is the name of the song sung by the Munchkins in the 1939 MGM film, The Wizard of Oz, after the Wicked Witch of the East is crushed by Dorothy Gale's house. On some versions of the soundtrack, the Winkies and the citizens of the Emerald City sing a reprise after Dorothy melts the Wicked ...

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Lyrics to 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!' by Wizard Of Oz: Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead lyrics: Munchkins Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead. Wake up - sleepy head, rub your eyes,. The Wicked Witch is dead! Mayor. As Mayor of the Munchkin City, In the County of the Land of Oz, I welcome you most regally.
The Witch Is Dead Lyrics: Come out, come out wherever you are / And meet the young lady who fell from a star / She fell from the sky, she fell very far / And Kansas she says is the name of the star / Kansas.. Album The Wizard of Oz (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). It landed on the wicked witch in the middle of a ditch
"Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead" is the centerpiece of several individual songs in an extended set-piece performed by the Munchkins, Glinda (Billie Burke) and Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. It was also sung by studio singers and represented as being sung by the Winkie soldiers.

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Ella Fitzgerald - Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead

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The Wizard of Oz - The Performer's Warehouse

The 1939 film adaptation of starring.
The film changed the silver shoes to ruby slippers depending on this source, this was either to show off the new color technology of the time, or because silver shoes didn't show up wellmerged the two good witches, cut out several incidents, including all of Dorothy's admittedly anticlimactic return to the Emerald City after killing the Witch and the journey from the Emerald City to Glinda's palace, and added read article ending—the thought the audience was too sophisticated to accept a "real" fantasyland.
This movie has proven so popular that it has had several written and produced over the years.
Professional productions have includedan concert staging in New York City in 1995, another N.
The 2011 movie Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz is a version, and got its own follow-up Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz in 2016.
The is almost invariably derived from this version of the story.
While this version is by far the most well known, and much more well known than the book it is based on, it is not the only, or even the first film adaptation.
There were several silent adaptations, That, curiously enough, was based on a 1902 stage musical.
Although most of the music for the show has been lost, the producers of the 1939 version were aware of it, and that may have had an influence on their work.
Adaptations were far rarer since then, and most since have been based on the film rather than the book.
The Munchkins, of course, sing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead", and when the other Wicked Witch is killed, the Winkie guards who were seemingly her loyal followers are ecstatic.
Also, in the book she had nothing to do with the poppy field with pollen that lulled Dorothy and the Lion into a slumber; in this version, she created it.
She also intentionally sends the Ruby Slippers to Dorothy to protect her from the Wicked Witch, and is even able to scare her away while in at least simply by telling her off.
In the original book, Glinda only appears in one of the last chapters and her skills in magic are only alluded to.
She makes more use of them in the sequels.
In the book he was a self-admitted coward but could hide it by roaring loud enough to intimidate most foes, and when he setting up health app iphone foes who weren't so easily scared he was perfectly willing to fight for the safety of his friends.
The movie version has gone through severe and kingdom guide to be dragged kicking and screaming into any situation that looks even remotely scary.
It also eliminates the Lion killing a giant spider which is where he shows his courage.
There were two Good Witches in the book, of which Glinda was the second.
The first one, the unnamed Good Witch of the North, met Dorothy when she first arrived link Oz and gave her the slippers, but Glinda the Good Witch of the South, who didn't meet Dorothy until the end was the only one who knew that their magic could help Dorothy get back to Kansas.
The movie combines them into one character, leading many viewers to wonder why Glinda didn't just tell her how to get back home at the start of the movie.
Here, they're exclusively the Witch's minions.
That said, they're still not sorry to see her go.
Listen to her voice when she calls out for her one last time before having to retreat into the storm shelter.
She sounds absolutely distraught, with Uncle Henry having to pull her down into the cellar.
Add to that the fact that he and Auntie Em probably only discovered her after leaving the storm cellar.
Who knows, really, how long they were down there?
Plus, sadistic neighbor has the local sheriff in her back pocket.
After Zeke rushes in and rescues her, Dorothy quickly realizes that he was more scared than she was.
If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, l won't look any further than my own backyard, because if it isn't there I never really lost it to begin with.
Several sources have said that Dorothy is intended to be twelve in the film.
The reason why it was changed for the film was because MGM felt that 1930's audiences were too sophisticated to accept Oz as a straight ahead fantasy, so they made it as a lengthy, elaborate dream, instead.
Though some could argue Dorothy's slippers made everybody else think it was a dream of Dorothy's.
Most these days see it as unintentional hilarity but those who've raised pigs on a farm would know the notorious risk of pigs killing and trying to eat small children.
He also displays visible delight with his primping makeover, during which he is given a hair bow.
It could mean "Surrender, Dorothy" as in "Give up, Dorothy, it's pointless to resist"; or "Surrender Dorothy" as in, "People of the Emerald City, if you've taken Dorothy in, give her to me"?
The film's ending is also possibly of this trope.
Five different people Dorothy knows in Kansas—the three farmhands, Miss Gulch, and Professor Marvel—pop up in her dream of Oz as different people.
Interestingly, the idea of having farm hands double as Dorothy's companions http://the-best-bet-en.win/near/casino-near-memphis-mississippi.html Oz comes from the 1923 Larry Semon adaptation, which the film adopted.
Apparently it hurt so much that he thought his nose was bleeding.
This appears to be a holdover from an early version of the script, in which Dorothy had a romantic subplot with Hunk the Scarecrow's Kansas counterpartand the wizard of oz wicked witch is dead act featured him preparing to leave the farm to study at the Agricultural College.
Apparently, the implication was supposed to be that Dorothy grew exceptionally close to the Scarecrow because he reminded her of the man she loved—but with the subplot cut out, it just seems inexplicable.
In the middle things, the mustache has suddenly changed to point down.
This is a relic of a cut scene or sequence.
The actual articulation really means, "Romeo, why are you?
For example, after she slaps the Cowardly Lion when he goes for Toto: Dorothy: Shame on you!
Cowardly Lion: What did you do that for?
I didn't bite him!
Dorothy: No, but you tried to!
That hourglass was super spooky, but why didn't the Wicked Witch just kill Dorothy and take the shoes?
Possibly via : Wicked Witch of the West: ".
But that's not what concerns me.
It's how to do it.
These things must be done delicately or you hurt the spell.
Granted, there's all those torches, but is she really the type to worry about fire safety?
However, while she did wish to travel the world, she wasn't dissatisfied with her life on the farm and wizard of oz wicked witch is dead only ran away because she was scared Miss Gulch would kill Toto.
Justified in that he's a woodsman, but on the other hand, it doesn't look as if he knows how to use it.
In the original book, however, Dorothy could and did frequently remove the silver shoes.
However, being an actual horse, it doesn't fit the trope.
In this version, Glinda combines the roles of both the benevolent witches.
Glinda also takes on the role of the Snow Queen a character from one of Baum's stage playssending a snowfall to save Dorothy, Toto, and the Lion from the poppy fields.
In the original book, the Scarecrow and Tin-Man carry Dorothy out and the Lion is eventually pulled out by aon a wooden cart made by the Tin Man.
Several times throughout the film he trips and has to pick himself back up again, and is practically half-dragged along whenever all four of them skip on the Yellow Brick Road.
When writing the book, that he wanted to make a story with all the wonder of a classic fairy tale but none of the horror and tragedy.
By contrast, the movie features Toto getting sentenced to death, as well as Dorothy and her friends nearly getting killed by the Witch and her minions several times.
Instead of the book's comical Witch, the movie's Witch is a genuinely scary villain with obvious sadistic tendencies.
And instead of being neutral creatures answering to the Witch's three wishes, the movie's flying monkeys are eerily silent monstrosities who serve the Witch as mindless slaves.
The book explicitly had Dorothy's companions kill the creatures sent by the Wicked Witch and the origin of the Tin Woodsman is considerably horrific.
The movie limits it to a brief kiss on Dorothy's forehead.
It had to be recorded live on set as Judy would have had to this web page in addition to singing it.
Reportedly the performance reduced the entire cast and crew to tears.
This is one of the most iconic and well-remembered examples of the trope.
The Witch herself, gloating in victory, lights the Scarecrow on fire and Dorothy tosses a bucket of water to put him out, some of it splashing the Witch.
Lo and behold, water turns out to be the Witch's weakness and she suddenly begins melting for no explainable reason.
And all those guards that were surrounding the heroes don't go on a but instead.
Makes one wonder why they didn't splash some water on her themselves if they hated her so much, or why the Witch kept such a lethal substance lying around in the castle.
The melting was taken from the book, with the movie giving Dorothy a plausible reason to throw the bucket of water.
Some stage plays include the witch mentioning that she put the Winkies under a spell.
And, of course, the Tin Woodsman became tin by gradually having all his bits cut off and replaced — up to and including his head.
The film changes this to Dorothy trying to put out a fire on the Scarecrow's arms and the water accidentally splashing on the Witch.
The tornado winds knock Dorothy out, and everything spins in a delirium about her.
The tornado picking up the house is clearly part of the dream, as she sees various impossible scenes out the window, such as an elderly neighbor knitting in her rocker, a pair of men rowing in a rowboat, culminating in Miss Gulch riding her bicycle changing into the Wicked Witch of the East.
The slippers might have transported Dorothy and the house back to the Kansas farm, leaving her in bed with having taken a bump on her head.
Various sources say that the falling house is the last of a cut sequence as part of Dorothy's delirious return, where she remembers various scenes of Oz in reverse order, all cut out except the falling house.
Of course she never abandoned her, she simply knew the only way Dorothy could learn to work the shoes was through first-hand experience.
Margaret Hamilton sure could cackle.
The majesty and formality of the Wizard virtually require him to request the broomstick, rather than outright request her killing, just as the majesty and formality requires the Wizard to refer to her as "The Witch of the West", omitting "Wicked".
Of course, they realize that his intent is for them to kill her, as they'd never get it any other way.
Then he slams the Tin Woodman's axe into the rope, causing the chandelier wizard of oz wicked witch is dead fall onto the soldiers.
It only causes mass confusion, while the four escape.
Look what you've done!
Oh, what a world!
Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness.
More subtly, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man also have fire and water as their respective weaknesses: the Scarecrow is vulnerable to being burned, and the Tin Man easily rusts in the presence of water.
Munchkin 2: The Wicked Witch!
Dorothy futily tries to call out to her, but Aunt Em's image is replaced by the Wicked Witch who mocks Dorothy and then turns to cackle directly at the audience as if to say "I'm coming for you next!
Miss Gulch fades into the cackling Wicked Witch of the East flying on her broomstick.
When asked why she never told Dorothy about the shoes' abilities, Glinda replies, "you wouldn't have believed me.
His loose-limbed dancing and walk were copied from Stone's characterization.
Stone played the Scarecrow so well that he appeared on stage so motionless for the first act that the audience thought it was a prop, not an actual actor!
Although Dorothy agrees to hand over the slippers since losing the slippers is preferable to losing her dogthe Witch gets a nasty shock when she tries to remove them.
Nobody will hear you.
Though the Scarecrow claims to not have a brain, he's a rather smart character.
Though the Tin Man claims to not have a heart, he's shown to be quite a sensitive character which is unfortunate since he's a tin man — his tears tend to rust him when he criesand the Cowardly Lion despite claiming what his name would indicate is brave enough to try to protect Dorothy from the witch instead of abandoning his companions.
This was taken from the source material, the book.
Some confusion was caused by a later artist having drawn her as a blonde with a bob cut in a rather stylish dress.
The Wizard's doorman does his share too, overlapping with.
We aren't told about any of them, but the characters tell us repeatedly through song that he is a great wizard among wizards who does wonderful things.
It turns out the characters don't know either, and he actually doesn't do anything wonderful and possibly never did.
The "brainless" Scarecrow milwaukee airport near casino most of the plots that get the party out of trouble.
The "heartless" Tin Man has been labeled.
The wizard of oz wicked witch is dead is the Cowardly Lion, whose eventual courage is a result of.
Glinda sets the record straight to her in record time during their first meeting, and Dorothy apologizes to Glinda upon finding out that she was a witch, too specifically, the Witch of the North.
Wizard: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
Glinda states Dorothy had to learn for herself she had the power.
Okay, Miss Gulch should have been kinder and far more lenient, but face it, she's well within her rights to be upset.
They are trapped in place, unable to move, and every now and then, people come along to snatch off pieces of their body and eat them.
What makes it even more terrifying is that since apples carry seeds, the trees are forced to watch people steal and eat their BABIES.
Their anger at Dorothy is pretty justified.
Dorothy: Oh — You're a very bad man!
The Wizard: sighing, smiling Wizard of oz wicked witch is dead, no my dear.
I'm a very good man.
I'm just a very bad Wizard.
Could be explained away by noting that Oz is a.
That woman was having fun.
They are called phila.
In particular, Dorothy and her companions come off as a bit more innocent here, whereas the book featured them occasionally having to use violence to overcome the odds against them the book has them outright killing the animals that the Witch sends against them, and it includes a scene where the Cowardly Lion proves his courage by killing a monster in its closest casino near newark nj />The Tin Man's grisly origin, where he got his metal body after a magic spell cursed him to hack off his limbs, is also never brought up in the movie.
It doesn't last long.
Technically, the friends didn't mug the guards; the guards snuck up behind them and attacked.
The cow is a reference to Imogene, who replaced Toto on stage as well.
Though this was ostensibly done so that the production staff could show off their Technicolor technology, the ruby slippers can also be considered a subtle nod to the region of Quadling Country, which was cut from the movie.
In the book, Quadling Country was filled with ruby mines, and it took red as its totemic color.
Note that the ruler of Quadling Country—who sat on a throne of rubies—was also the one who finally told Dorothy that the shoes could send her home.
The reason this was never revealed aside from not wanting to add in unnecessary explanations is because the cap in the book could only be used three times by any one person, which would make the audience question whether or not the Witch still had enough uses left when she captured Dorothy.
This casinos seneca mo, in fact, what occurred in the book.
So instead it's left ambiguous, and the audience could conclude that after the moneys were freed by the Witch's death, they flew Dorothy and the others back voluntarily out of gratitude.
The implication is thatand explained why Dorothy couldn't be harmed by the Wicked Witch of the West or anyone else just as much as the slippers kept her safe.
The Cowardly Lion seems mean at first, but it turns out it is just a with which to hide the fact he's really terrified of them.
You have no power here.
Before someone drops a house on you too!
She ducks and looks up in horror, clearly half convinced Glinda could make another house drop.
And she probably could, too.
Just looking at him you can tell he's just playing dumb to avoid trouble from Miss Gulch, like the way he asks if Dorothy was the one who bit her right before slamming the gate on her butt.
The complete exchange is under.
The movie was filmed in 4:3, but the theatrical re-releases from 1955 and 1999 presented the movie with the top and bottom missing for widescreen projection.
The IMAX 3D re-release restores the movie to its original 4:3 aspect ratio.
When he tries to attack Toto, Dorothy smacks him on the nose and he starts crying.
Granted, the Cowardly Lion also turns out to be a later on.
It can, at times, be difficult to find someone who knows that there are two good witches, let alone the rest of the stuff cut from the book.
In addition to its resemblance to "liquefy", the appropriate term for melting someone, "liquidate" is a Stalin-era euphemism for "kill".
They emphasise the sky theme and show the height of her hopes.
It was actually made from a real lion, complete with paws and tail.
Even after all these years, the effect can be quite shocking upon a first viewing.
Aunt Em: "For twenty-three years, I've been dying to tell you what I thought of you.
But now, being a Christian woman, I can't say it!
Audiences for the theatrical re-releases and TV broadcasts from the previous 40 years had only seen them in plain black and white.
Based on the original novel, where he makes the Scarecrow ruler of Oz.
Granted, she was always insane as far as the picture was concerned, but up until she figured out that the ruby slippers had been charmed to Dorothy's feet by magic and wouldn't come off as long as she lived, her main goal was to get them back and to get revenge on Dorothy for killing the Witch of the East.
article source, she becomes more and more obsessed with destroying Dorothy and her friends with extreme prejudice; the last few times she antagonized the others, it was for helping Dorothy and, later, for trespassing in her territory.
If there is any reason for waiting, such as the slippers not responding until Dorothy has had an emotional epiphany, it's not explained in the story.
Scarecrow: Don't stand there talking — put me together!
We've got to find Cities nyc />Marvel is the Wizard.
Only Nikko, the leader of the latter, is ever seen in the same room as the Witch; otherwise, her servants seem to steer clear unless summoned.
Also, when Dorothy is running home after her encounter with Miss Gulch, the music is a sped-up version of Schumann's Happy Farmer.
If Dorothy is taking piano lessons, that's probably one of her pieces; also, at the moment she is a rather UN-happy farmer!
Also, the opening music for the movie just before it the instrumental of "It Really Was No Miracle" uses a snippet of the overture of Tannhäuser.
Kind of a bit ofas this "less-scary" Wicked Witch is, even today, still considered one of the more terrifying villains in a kid-appropriate movie.
Presumably, the flying monkeys also bear the protagonists no ill will, since the monkeys nevermore impede Dorothy's progress.
As kid-friendly as this movie is, it's not uncommon to meet serious film buffs who consider the Wicked Witch one of the scariest cinematic characters of all time.
The witch was determined to get the ruby slippers from Dorothy, that she not only cast a dancing spell on her and then sent the flying monkeys to get her.
Then in the reprise, the witch explained that if Dorothy refuses to give her the ruby slippers, she would die.
The Munchkins stage an entire spontaneously choreographed song number in celebration of Dorothy unwittingly killing the Wicked Witch of the East!
The Wicked Witch of the West uses a field of poppies to put Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion to sleep.
When all seems lost, Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, sends a snowfall to wake them up.
Arguably, Dorothy gains this reputation through her adventures.
It's possible that the tornado simply gave Miss Gulch more important things to worry about, but this is never stated; another theory is that when we saw Miss Gulch swept up in the tornado before she became the Wicked Witchthat actually happened and she died in the aftermath.
Of course, being made of straw.
That's how much longer you've got to be alive!
And it isn't long, my pretty!
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